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Smell the Bacon, Charlie

A CEO's Guide to Implementing

Organizational Change

Smell the Bacon, Charlie! is the newest guide for aspiring executives to understand the real-world mechanics of organizational change for businesses large and small. Written in a conversational and off-the-cuff style, Haworth brings his thirty years of experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, and college professor into a content-rich, humorous, and easy-to-read book on a topic that all business executives (or aspiring executives) should read on how to successfully implement organizational change. This is the ideal book for any executive considering taking the leap of change and renewal for their business.  


Haworth is very clear from the first chapter: “If you think that you’re going to be doing business in three to five  years the same way you’re doing business today, well, that’s surely  a going-out-of-business strategy.”  In today’s fast-paced business world, organizations must change to stay competitive or even relevant.


Coming Soon!

Don't Sign That, Charlie

A CEO's Guide to Hiring & Managing Consultants

Hiring a consulting firm can be a daunting task.  Based on the current research data, over 70% of executives say they did NOT get the value out of their consultants…really?

Robert Haworth’s upcoming Don’t’ Sign That, Charlie! will once again be a guide for CEOs, executives and aspiring executives to understand the do’s and don’ts in hiring and managing a consulting firm in order to assist their organizations in the successful implementation of a major change initiative.


Like in his first book, Robert is coaching Charlie on this important topic in a conversational, off-the-cuff and humorous style. 

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